Whiteout survival buildings guide

whiteout survival buildings guide


Welcome to the world of strategic warfare in your town! Let’s briefly tour some key buildings that play crucial roles in your success. The Marksman Camp is where you train and improve your Marksman troops; upgrading it boosts their strength and training speed. Similarly, the Lancer Camp does the same for Lancer troops, and the Infantry Camp is dedicated to Infantry units. The Research Center lets you unlock new technologies for overall town improvement while the Infirmary heals your injured soldiers. The Command Center boosts troop numbers in rallies and marches, and the Embassy stores reinforcements from your alliance. Keep an eye on your Storehouse to protect resources, and don’t forget about the Furnace, your town HQ, which determines building levels and survivor well-being. Each upgrade brings more power and capabilities to ensure your town thrives in the face of challenges!

whiteout command center

Command Center

An Alliance building that, when upgraded, increases the total troops in a Rally and your marches. It also boosts power. Researching technologies in the Battle tab of the Research Center enhances troop capacity in your marches.

whiteout game embassy


An Alliance building for storing reinforcements sent by Alliance members. Upgrading increases reinforcement capacity and helps with construction, research, and healing. It is often a requirement for upgrading the Furnace.

whiteout game furnace


Your town HQ is determining max building levels and unlocks. Upgrading increases heat production and power and helps keep survivors warm to prevent sickness.

infantry camp

Infantry Camp

This camp is for training and upgrading Infantry troops, and you can unlock it at Furnace level 7. Upgrading follows the same pattern: increasing training capacity, reducing time, and boosting power. Researching technologies in the Research Center can further improve your training capabilities.



This building is where injured soldiers heal. Keeping it at the same level as your HQ is crucial to maximize capacity. Upgrading it increases capacity and power. Researching specific technologies in the Growth tab of the Research Center further enhances Infirmary capacity and reduces healing time.

lancer camp

Lancer Camp

Similar to the Marksman Camp, the Lancer Camp is where you train and upgrade Lancer troops. You can unlock it at Furnace level 9. Upgrading it has the same benefits of increasing training capacity, reducing training time, and boosting troop power. Researching specific technologies in the Research Center enhances your training capabilities.

marksman camp

Marksman Camp

This is a place where you train and improve your Marksman troops. You can unlock this building when your Furnace is at level 8. Upgrading it helps increase the number of troops you can train at once, reduces training time, and makes your troops stronger. As you upgrade, you also unlock higher-tier troops. Researching certain technologies in the Research Center can further improve your training capacity and reduce training time.

research center

Research Center

Here, you research new technologies to strengthen different aspects of your town. The Growth, Economy, and Battle tabs offer various improvements for your town and troops.

store house


This is where protected resources are stored, safe from being plundered. Upgrading increases the amount of safe resources and boosts power.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, these buildings are important for making your town strong and successful in the game. The Marksman, Lancer, and Infantry Camps help you train and improve different types of troops. The Research Center lets you discover new technologies to improve your town in different ways. The Infirmary takes care of your injured soldiers, and the Command Center and Embassy are all about teamwork with your alliance. The Storehouse keeps your resources safe, and the Furnace, the main building, is like the boss, deciding the maximum levels for other buildings. Upgrading it also helps your people stay warm and healthy. Learning how to use these buildings well will make your town unbeatable!

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