Whiteout Survival Best Heroes [Tier List ]

whiteout survival best heros


In the dynamic world of Whiteout Survival, where strategic decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes is paramount. Our comprehensive tier list and hero guide aim to provide you with invaluable insights, allowing you to assemble a formidable team capable of conquering the toughest challenges.

Best Whiteout Survival Tier List

  • S Tier Whiteout Survival Heroes
  • A Tier Whiteout Survival Heroes
  • B Tier Whiteout Survival Heroes

The tables above show a simplified version of our Whiteout Survival tier list. This list helps you know which heroes are good to recruit and which ones to avoid. In the next section, we’ll detail each hero and explain why they are in their respective tiers. This will help you understand how to make your tier lists in the future as more heroes are released.

S Tier (Best Heroes)

These are the strongest heroes in Whiteout Survival. They can handle tough situations on their own without much help. If you’re starting the game, aim for these heroes.

1. Bahiti


Bahiti is a powerful attacker, especially good with Marksmen troops. He deals a lot of damage quickly and has skills that boost his troops’ damage and survivability during expeditions.

2. Sergey

sergey whiteout survival heros (4)

Sergey is the best defender in the game and the only tank character. He protects teammates and disrupts enemies. His skills reduce damage taken by allies and himself, making him crucial for keeping your team safe.

3. Natalia

natalia whiteout survival heros (11)

Natalia is challenging to unlock but worth it. While not a tank, her defensive play style and stun abilities make her formidable. Pairing her with Sergey creates a strong frontline for your team.

4. Molly

molly whiteout survival heros

Molly, a leader of Lancer units, is a powerful melee attacker. She can use stealth to deal heavy burst damage. Her abilities in expeditions make her troops stun enemies and deal extra damage, making her a valuable asset.

A Tier (Strong Heroes)

These heroes are almost as strong as the S Tier heroes but may need more setup. If you don’t unlock S Tier heroes, these are excellent alternatives.

1. Jeronimo

jeronimo whiteout survival heros (10)

A powerful swordsman capable of inflicting heavy burst damage. His attacks boost damage when he’s above 50% health. He can passively boost troop attacks and stun enemies with basic attacks in expeditions.

2. Gina

gina whiteout survival heros (14)

Gina has a balanced kit with AoE capabilities and sustained single-target damage. She excels in various scenarios. In expeditions, she focuses on reducing stamina consumption and increasing march speed.

3. Cloris

cloris whiteout survival heros

Cloris has limited abilities but is effective. She can mark an enemy, increasing the damage they take. In expeditions, she increases meat gathering speed and Hunter Hut building yield.

4. Zinman

zinman whiteout survival heros (12)

If there were support characters, Zinman would be one. He provides passive buffs to teammates and boosts his defense when his HP drops. He increases settlement construction speed and reduces building upgrade costs in other content.

B Tier (Decent Heroes)

These heroes are average but decent alternatives. They may not carry as much as S Tier heroes.

1. Jessie

jessie whiteout survival heros (15)

Jessie has a balanced kit with single-target damage, AoE capabilities, and self-defense boosts. In expeditions, she passively increases ally attack and defense.

2. Patrick

patrick whiteout survival heros (16)

Despite looking like a chef, Patrick is a fierce combatant. He can heal himself and allied units, making him a powerful expedition supporter.

3. Charlie, Eugene, and Smith

These heroes have similar expedition skill sets, focusing on decent damaging skills and resource production or gathering speed enhancement. They might not be the best fighters, but they play important roles in your town.

This is our Whiteout Survival mod apk tier list. Do you agree with our choices? Share your opinion and comments below!

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