Whiteout Survival Fire Crystal Guide [what is fire crystal & how to get this]

whiteout survival fire crystal guide


Fire Crystals are a special resource in Whiteout Survival. You get them when your city’s Furnace reaches level 30. You can use these crystals to upgrade various buildings in your city. These upgrades are called Fire Crystal upgrades and have levels from FC1 to FC5.

To go from one FC level to the next, you need to do five upgrades for that building. For example, if you want to raise your level 30 Furnace to FC1, you have to do five upgrades in a row for the Furnace.

How to use fire crystals in whiteout survival

Fire Crystal Troops

When you use Fire Crystals to upgrade your Military Camps beyond level 30 in Whiteout Survival, you unlock special troops called Fire Crystal troops. Once a Military Camp reaches Fire Crystal levels, all the troops there will automatically transform into Fire Crystal troops. Your troops will get extra stat boosts as you go through various Fire Crystal levels. When you reach Fire Crystal level 3, your troops will also gain an extra skill. As you progress to Fire Crystal level 5, this skill will be upgraded, making it even more powerful.

How to get Fire Crystals

You can get Fire Crystals in Whiteout Survival by doing intel missions, but the amount you get is usually limited. If you want more Fire Crystals, you can buy packs from the in-game store, which gives you more than intel missions. Another way is to use Sunfire Tokens in the State of Power shop to obtain Fire Crystals. You can earn Sunfire Tokens by completing mission rewards and participating in the SVS Battle Phase.

Fire Crystals vs Fire Crystal Shards

Fire Crystal Shards are not the same as regular Fire Crystals. You can get Fire Crystal Shards by buying packs from the in-game store or joining the “Flame and Fangs” event. Another way is to exchange Fire Crystals for Shards. These shards are specifically used for research at the War Academy. On the other hand, Fire Crystals strengthen buildings to Fire Crystal levels.

Requirements for Fire Crystal troops

In the dynamic world of Whiteout Survival, Fire Crystals emerge as a pivotal resource, accessible when your city’s Furnace reaches level 30. Utilize these crystals to embark on Fire Crystal upgrades (FC1 to FC5), enhancing various buildings with each tier. Venture into Military Camps beyond level 30 to unlock Fire Crystal troops, witness automatic transformations, and gain stat boosts, skills, and upgrades at levels 3 and 5. Fire Crystals are acquired through intel missions, in-game store packs, or Sunfire Tokens from the State of Power shop. Distinguish Fire Crystals from Fire Crystal Shards, the latter dedicated to War Academy research. In this strategic journey, masterful use of Fire Crystals reshapes your city and unleashes formidable forces, ensuring dominance in Whiteout Survival.

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