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auto hunting whiteout survival

Auto Hunt is a feature that lets you automatically fight and defeat beasts without manually sending outmarches. This makes it easier for players to focus on important missions and events. You can get Auto Hunt from the in-game Top Up Center by purchasing the “Ultra Value Monthly Card” package. This package not only includes Auto Hunt but also gives you gems and VIP XP as extra benefits.

How to Start Auto Hunting Step-by-Step guide 

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  • Get the Ultra Value Monthly Card

To access Auto Hunting, you need the Ultra Value Monthly Card.

  • Go to the World Map 

Click the “World” tab at the bottom right of your screen to open the world map.

On the world map, look for a magnifying glass icon on the left side of your screen.

  • Open the Beast Hunting Tab

Click the magnifying glass icon to open the beast hunting tab.

In this tab, you’ll find the Auto Hunting button at the bottom right of your screen.

  • Set Up Auto Hunting

Click the Auto Hunting button to open a new tab with settings for Auto Hunting.

Choose the level range of beasts you want to hunt. For example, you can set it to hunt beasts at level 27 or 28.

  • Set Infirmary Capacity

Decide what percentage of your Infirmary’s capacity Auto Hunting should stop. For instance, if you set it to 70%, Auto Hunting will stop when the Infirmary is 70% full.

  • Allocate Stamina

Choose how much stamina you want to use for Auto Hunting. Auto Hunting will stop once it has used up the allocated stamina, helping you conserve stamina.

Auto Hunting will stop in these situations:

  • You lose a battle.
  • You quit the game.
  • You run out of stamina.
  • You use teleportation.

Is Auto Hunting Worth It?

Auto Hunting is beneficial if you want to focus more on events and battles. It helps you gather resources easily, allowing you to concentrate on the more important parts of the game.

The only downside is that it requires a monthly subscription. While some players might prefer a one-time purchase, it’s uncertain if the developers will offer this option in the future.


In short, Auto Hunting in Whiteout Survival is a helpful feature that automatically fights and defeats beasts, so players can focus on important missions and events. By buying the Ultra Value Monthly Card from the in-game Top Up Center, players can use Auto Hunting and also get gems and VIP XP. While the monthly subscription might be a downside for some, the convenience and efficiency of Auto Hunting make it worth it for serious players.


Auto-hunting is a feature in which characters automatically hunt according to their preset skills.

No, auto-hunting only works while you are playing and stops when you exit the game.

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