Whiteout Survival fire crystal chart

Updated: May 2024.

This is fire crystal chart for achieving more powers.

What is fire crystals ? & Why this is very important in whiteout survival ?

How to use Fire Crystal Inside Whiteout Survival?

There are many uses for Fire Crystal in whiteout survival

Buildings Upgrades:

with fire crystal you can upgrade and enhance your buildings, To upgrade a structure, pick it and then click on “Upgrade”

Troops Upgrades:

You can also use upgrades to make your troops stronger. Upgrades give them advantages like more health or stronger attacks.

Large Crystal:

You can make a big crystal by putting smaller fire crystals together in Whiteout survival. Then, you can use this big crystal to make buildings and troops better. Just drag and drop the smaller crystals onto each other to combine them. The bigger the final crystal, the more small crystals you used.


If you want to trade fire crystals with other players, go to the Trading Post and select the “Fire Crystals” option. Then, you can look at the fire crystals that are available and make offers to other players.

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